Andrew Taban: Why did council do it?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Frequently when it comes to local government I understand that we have a process for everything, but what I still have trouble understanding is why our city council decided to vote on SB54. They even stated themselves, multiple times that that filing with the United States against California will have little to no impact on Santa Clarita, and cost the taxpayer dollar quite a bit of money.

Our mayor even said that this should be an issue that D.C. should be discussing, not us; yet they still decided to take a vote on it. After multiple comments from the council stating how it tears our community apart, and how it doesn’t affect us, they still chose to take it up.

People claim it was for good reason, but if their job is to protect us, and it does nothing to us other then tear us apart as a community, what did they accomplish that night? You know how everyone says politicians have a hidden agenda no matter what — they possibly did. SB54 was signed by Gov. Brown Oct. 5, 2017, so long before this meeting, yet our council decided to wait till now, but why? Why wait until the week ballots drop? Is it because the majority of the council is up for election and they are worried? Their filing is up and they needed to get their base rattled up, and with voter registration numbers leaning away from their majority, they need to assure that the same people who hail Trump will be sure to come back out and vote for them again this cycle, and with a vote like that, they sure hope they will. But, this of course is all a hunch, I’ll let you the reader decide.

Andrew Taban
Santa Clarita


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