Kevin Eliason: My Russian connection

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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OK, in order to help bring all this Russian connection and collusion mess to a close once and for all, I confess. I have been living with two undocumented Russians for the past 12 years. Nikita and Natasha, last name unknown, but living here known as Nikki and Natti, brother and sister. I have them documented now with all their shots and meds. Enclosed is a photo for identification. And yes they are two Russian Blue Cats. I have loved them since I saw them together as dreamers “babies” in an adoption cage at the Valley Vet Center. Today is their birthday. They are 13 years old and I will fight any attempt for them to be deported separated from me. Although they do like ICE (cubes that is) in a water bowl. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY NIKKI & NATTI. Now I feel much better that I have come clean with my long time Russian involvement.

Kevin Eliason
Santa Clarita

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