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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I am not voting for Jess Phoenix to represent the 25th district because she is a woman, though we certainly need to see equal representation in Congress. I am not voting for Jess Phoenix for the 25th because she is a scientist, even though we need scientists in Congress who can understand the complex issues our society faces as robots and artificial intelligence displace workers, and global warming shapes our foreign and domestic policy.

I am voting for Jess Phoenix because with a background in science she looks at the hard evidence, and makes a sound decision based on the facts……whatever the problem at hand. And because she does not accept funding from big moneyed interests, Jess Phoenix is not beholden to them and how those moneyed interests want their Representative to vote.

I am voting for Jess Phoenix because she is the only candidate that has articulated a clear vision for the economic prosperity of the 25th district. She wants to capitalize on the district’s historical strengths in aerospace and engineering along with the new found energy in biotech to create an emerging center of green technology. Part of that vision involves bringing a California State University to the district, which would bring jobs, education, and become a driver for new growth.

Steve Knight is utterly lacking in vision and has actually cost the district funding. And then there are Katie Hill and Brian Caforio, whose sniping and finger pointing at each other make them seem like 2 bald men fighting over a comb. No thank you.

Level headed, fact based decision making, a clearly articulated vision for the future of the district, an amazing public speaker, these are just some of the reasons I am voting for Jess Phoenix. And heck, if volcano scientist Jess Phoenix can stand next to the molten lava to do her day job, I figure reaching across the aisle to find common ground in Congress is a piece of cake.

Jeff Knowlton

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