Out of the Bunker: The importance of quiet footwork


How much attention do you pay to your feet while swinging a golf club?

Some of you may give it some thought, while most of you probably do not. Whether you do, or you don’t, it’s time to focus a bit differently on your feet in your golf swing.

Your only thought should be to keep them quiet.

I am always amazed at how noisy a player’s golf shoes can be during their golf swing.

Generally, this noise is a squeak caused between the soles and the ground. When I hear this squeak, I immediately focus on how anxious the feet become during the course of the swing.

Squeaky shoes tell me that the player’s rhythm and balance is not what it ought to be, so we begin to focus on those two elements.

Good footwork is a key to all athletes.

Whether the athlete plays football, basketball, baseball or even golf, the best players are always in control of their feet.

One of my favorite things to do while working with a student is to close my eyes while they hit a few shots. The better the player, the less I hear of their feet. The more a player struggles, I often here quite a bit of noise in their feet.

Let’s face it, hitting a golf ball can create a lot of anxiety.

Even though the ball is not moving, our mind tells us to react as quickly as possible before the ball somehow moves. This anxiety filters itself all the way down to our feet.

The quieter you can become with your feet, the more likely you are to have a golf swing that is in rhythm and balance.

The next time you spend time practicing, focus on keeping your feet quieter as you swing the club. You’ll be amazed at how much more fluid your swing will become.


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