Out of the Bunker: The 30-second window

Perhaps no game challenges a player mentally more than golf. Think about it. Often, you are on the golf course for more than four hours, with nobody to rely on

A day to celebrate the sport

This past Wednesday was National Golf Day. The day is meant, primarily, to recognize the economic impact that golf makes throughout the world. Did you realize that golf raises more

What’s next for Tiger Woods?

I can’t stop thinking about the Masters. I was drawn to the television in a way I hadn’t been in a very long time. For Tiger Woods to come back

Out of the Bunker: Practicing pressure

Have you ever noticed how calm you are while you practice, but you become a nervous wreck as soon as you step onto the course? It happens to us all,

Tiger Woods sees green

There are certain events that happen in our lifetime that we will never forget. For me, many of these events revolve around sports. I’ll never forget sitting on my living

What’s the deal with Matt Kuchar?

Every sport needs a villain. Someone who can fuel the emotion of the audience and add drama to an otherwise drama-less situation. A few months back, I wrote about Patrick

Out of the Bunker: The Eyeball Test

One of my favorite things to do at the golf course is to sit back and watch players playing and practicing. No two players look exactly alike, and, for that

Loving Dell Technologies Match Play

This is one of my favorite weeks of the PGA Tour season. The week we break away from the traditional 72-hole stroke play format and venture into the wonderful world

Experiencing Pebble Beach

I recently took my California State University, Los Angeles women’s golf team to a tournament in Monterey, California.  It was a great tournament played on the difficult Black Horse Golf

Hans Kersting: Golf’s positive role models

This is a great time to be a junior golfer. Between the tournaments available and the quality of instruction, there are plenty of reasons for junior golfers to become successful.

Hans Kersting: Closing the window

Each night before heading to bed, there are a couple of things I need to check in my house. Are the doors locked, and are the windows closed? Remembering to

Out of the Bunker: Getting a grip

I work with players who struggle getting comfortable with the way they grip the golf club all the time. Sometimes the left hand feels wrong, sometimes the right hand feels

How golf imitates life

There is no greater game than golf. It’s extremely challenging, and it can be incredibly rewarding. Your success is based on the work you put into it — in addition

Dustin Johnson is the 20-win man

It’s hard to believe that Dustin Johnson just won his 20th PGA Tour event. Twenty! That is an unbelievable achievement from a guy who always appears to be taking a

Hans Kersting: The proper practice swing

I spend a lot of time with my students teaching them to understand ball flight. Do you find it necessary to always take a practice swing? I would assume that

Hans Kersting: Which tour would you choose?

We are about to enter the “majors season” on the PGA Tour. Each year, I seem to anticipate the majors more and more. Perhaps it’s the depth of talent that

Hans Kersting: Learn to do the opposite

I spend a lot of time with my students teaching them to understand ball flight. For example, what are some causes that make a ball fly high and to the