Raven Yule: Vote for her


We (you and I and pretty much every other Jess supporter) keep on running into people who say “Jess is so awesome”, and that fills us with joy because we know Jess is a fighter, an amazing candidate, and will be without a doubt an astonishing representative for the families of this district. Yet, these folks are supporting Katie Hill or Bryan Caforio, and so I’m here to tell you all, if Jess is — in your words — “so awesome”, then vote for her.

In our local race we have a uniquely qualified candidate who all of us find not only palatable, but inspiring and transformative. Center and Left (and facts-acknowledging conservatives) appreciate her message, her platform, her campaign style, and her vision for our community. The registered Greens like her because she’s an environmentalist champion. The Peace and Freedom folks like her because she’s for bringing evidence and facts to the lawmaking process. The thousands of folks who voted in the ‘16 Primary and then stayed at home for the General like her, because they know she’s a powerful progressive. She has what it takes to unify our Democrats and every other political critter who cares about human decency, science, progress, healthcare, education, jobs, and will fight for our community.

This November 6 I want to vote FOR someone, not just hold my nose and having to vote AGAINST Knight. That someone is Jess. And I know I’m not the only one.

If you think Jess is so awesome, then stop making up excuses and vote for her.

Raven Yule

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