Thomas Oatway | Left vs. Right: Still Looking for Balance in Editorials

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

The Signal published another letter to the editor (June 30) that disagreed with the position of the paper on the language of their editorial position on parents who present themselves at the border seeking asylum as irresponsible. Also, not all of us who protest inhumane separation of children and parents are “leftists” who advocate for open borders.

In another “Our View” editorial in the June 30 edition, the lack of civility in political discussions was excoriated, and rightly so. However, the examples given focused primarily on actions by those on the left whose discourse was clearly out of bounds. This includes protests of Trump administration officials in restaurants, or at their home, or threats against their children, which is especially cruel. Rep. Maxine Waters and Peter Fonda were also exemplified as bad actors in this regard. What seemed to be missing was the hatred of progressive opinions by the right (it is not necessary to call them leftists), and failure to note any examples like the Charlottesvile murder of a protester by a white supremacist with his vehicle.

I was hoping for a more balanced editorial board for the new Signal ownership, but it seems that is still missing in action.

Thomas Oatway


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