Aug. 20: Abstract Acrylic Demo at Barnes & Noble


By Olga Kaczmar

Newhall Community Contributor

Nancy Eckels will demonstrate acrylic painting at the Aug, 20 meeting of the Santa Clarita Artists Association (SCAA). This event is free, open to the public and meets at 6:30 p.m. at Barnes & Noble, 23630 Valencia Blvd. in Valencia.

Since her work is totally abstract, it comes entirely from Eckels’ head, heart and imagination. Anything that has contributed to her sense of color, texture and composition becomes the basis of what eventually comes from her hands and brushes.

“A creative block is overcome only by working on your art, not sitting on a couch waiting for inspiration. My paintings are a combination of sculpture and painting. I begin with a texture medium, which I sculpt by shaping, carving and manipulating on the canvas. When I apply the texture, I keep in mind a loose composition and try to imagine what it might become. I want to make something new. I’ve often thought that abstract art is the purest form of what people consider a one-of-a-kind art,” Eckels says.

“I love experimenting with combinations of color, making colors pop against each other, pulling some forward and pushing some back to create depth. I love making the texture, color and composition — the ONLY things I need to concentrate on when I create. It’s just so freeing to my imagination.”

Her visits with nature during her childhood were a very big part of what comes from her brain when she’s painting. See:

Come early, standing room only by 6:30 p.m. See also

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