Darlene Chandler | Think of the People! Remove Solar Panels from Canyon View Estates

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I am an 81-year-old grandma of two most beautiful granddaughters (5 and 3). I do not live in Canyon View Estates, but babysit often in the complex. I have for many years. Now, it is a real concern.

The home that was a cool home is now a hot house, especially the back bedrooms. I wish to take the kids to my home where it’s old (53 years) but cool. No worry there about the kids’ health nor mine.

What has changed? Their back yards! Solar panels were added in every yard. All the trees, ground covers, not to mention wildlife, are gone. The heat that is radiated is more than anyone can ignore. The puzzle on the hill — my granddaughters could have done better, believe me. The mess I see from the back yard, a fence could not be built high enough.

Whenever we go into the valley or on the freeway, it’s visible. How thoughtless of the property owner! I’m convinced, as are others, it’s not the people he thought of — it’s the almighty buck. You should be so proud, sir, of what you did to your beautiful little fairytale neighborhood. You gained nothing but the ire of all concerned.

Let’s get back to what counts — the people! Remove the panels.

Darlene Chandler

Canyon Country

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