Judy Taylour | Voters, Please Choose Candidates Regardless of Party Affiliation

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Regarding the “Political groups prep for races” article by Crystal Dunn, on the 38th Assembly Republication committee ready to canvas for candidates it has endorsed:

As I tell the kindergartners I’ve worked with over the years, if I tell you what color to use, it’s not your original work paper, artwork, etc. Fellow Santa Claritans, please make sure you decide on your own who to vote for. Do not go along with being told to only vote for candidates from one party. Make your own decisions, do your research, choose the most knowledgeable, capable, hard-working and reliable candidate for the position. After all, the (local) positions are non-partisan. We need new people with fresh ideas on our City Council and school boards. If kindergartners can learn to make their own decisions, adults can, too.

I also think it’s very important the City Council be split into districts, so each area of the city has equal representation.

Judy Taylour

Canyon Country

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