Clovis Kerr | Signal Editorial Should Have Put the Blame Where it Belongs: On the Left

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I have to disagree with your editorial titled, “Polarization of America,” (Aug. 26).

You mention in your article that both sides of the political spectrum are responsible for civil discord. I beg to differ with your assertion. It’s totally the left, or the liberal Democrats.

If you do not agree with their side (the left), you are either labeled a racist, or white supremacist, or you are espousing hate speech. Let’s be honest here — the right has never rioted, burned vehicles, damaged property or refused to allow an opposing view to be heard.

You can go back to the origin of the Tea Party and you never saw the type of behavior you see on the part of the left. Conservative speakers cannot give a speech on any college campus without the left reacting negatively and violently.

Because the Democrats lost the presidential election, they have gone completely nuts. It never occurred to them that Hillary Clinton was not electable due to several reasons, including the fact that she was a flawed candidate and lacked honesty and integrity.

As far as FOX News is concerned, they only report the facts and CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC and NPR are all left-leaning. At least Fox will have opposing views on any of their shows. In my humble opinion the mainstream media is just an extension of the Democratic Party. Polarization is only on the left.

Maybe you should start watching FOX News instead of those other stations. I watch all news outlets, including RT. In fact, you will get more coverage from RT than the so-called mainstream media.

The simple fact is, these people cannot accept the fact that their side lost an election. Hillary has been rejected twice now but she refuses to go away.

No other president in history has been subjected to the negative publicity that Trump has endured since he was elected. First it was Russia, and when that couldn’t get any traction it became collusion and when that didn’t work it became obstruction.

In the meantime, let’s go after anyone associated with the Trump campaign. You and the rest of the left need to get a grip.   

Clovis Kerr


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