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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I read with some amusement and amazement what a couple of readers of The Signal wrote to the editor about a prior letter denouncing Donald Trump. These readers were appalled by the tone of the letter writer and a lack of evidence to back her claims.

You see, uncivil tone and claims not backed by evidence are precisely in the domain of our president. We don’t all have to look desperately for positive ways to view the president the way his supporters apparently do. Donald Trump’s well-documented stream of lies, mostly from his Twitter feed, usually are unfounded and not based in evidence. 

Most recently, Mr. Trump claimed Google and other web tools were politically biased. Before that, he claimed the North Korea problem was behind us. Before that, that massive voter fraud had denied him a popular vote election victory. Before that, that Barack Obama was not a citizen of the United States. The president’s staff has many times scurried about following one of his tweets to discover what obscure source the President was using to back one of his many absurd claims or opinions. Now, you want hard evidence to back claims of obstruction of justice, traitorous intent, mistreatment of children crossing our borders? I would suggest that you haven’t read the news without the aid of rose colored glasses. Wouldn’t it be great if the President backed HIS claims?

Duane Mooring


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