Duane Mooring | Smog, the EPA and Facts: Beware of Pseudo-Science

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

In response to Albert Bigelow’s response to Lois Eisenberg on Sept. 5 (“The Truth about Smog and Trump’s EPA”): Albert questioned Lois’ facts on the EPA and pollution. While arguing that CO2 is not a component of smog (true), he claims that smog is caused by “interactions of nitrogen oxides, ozone and volatile organic compounds.” He states that spray deodorants and hand sanitizers contribute almost as much to VOCs as auto emissions. Wow, does that mean we don’t have to worry about pollution from fossil fuels? Pretty foolish. Albert’s ludicrous pseudo-scientific discussion is very wrong. His discussion covers only a subset of smog called photochemical smog and ozone depleting chemicals. The subject of the EPA’s regulation of fossil fuel issues covers greenhouse gases – not just smog – and that includes CO2.

Albert tries to offer “feasible explanations” of the EPA’s new agenda where there are truly none. Backing out of the Paris Climate Accords, getting rid of the Clean Power Plan (yes, despite court rulings), rolling back CAFÉ standards; these things are insupportable. The reasoning offered by the new EPA only supports polluters, not the environment. Climate change and pollution are national and global problems – reverting to the discretion of the states is nonsense. Will states support the interests of the planet? It’s not where responsibility lies. The economics of alternative energy are robust now. Every step back to fossil fuel adversely affects alternative energy economics and progress. The EPA is not supporting its mandate.

It’s already too late to halt the harm done to the environment. The damage done would continue into the future even if we immediately stopped polluting today. Don’t pretend that it is not serious and that there is plenty of time. By the way, there is no such thing as “clean coal.” Carbon sequestration is a concept and not clean — just cleaner.

Duane Mooring


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