Eddie Reinsma | SCV’s Pothole-Stricken Roads

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

The roads in SCV are at an all-time low for traveling around town. The potholes are terrible and clearly rain is not the reason. School has started, along with tearing up and repairing the roads and curbs. I do not understand how this decision could have been approved. Wow, that is a genius idea and ideal time to start this project!

I am a local automotive repair shop owner and although you are making work for my shop and others, I do not want to profit on auto repairs that are caused by poor planning. With the cost of fuel and the taxes we pay, our roads should be in great shape like other parts of our great country.

The entry to San Francisquito Canyon is riddled with potholes. It is a city road for the first 1/16 of a mile and is in very poor shape. I hope (they) make the roads better and maintain them, for all of us in the SCV.

Eddie Reinsma


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