Jim Horton | Horton vs. Horton: Whose News Is Fake?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Re: Gary Horton, Sept. 12. Gary Horton’s (no relation) op-ed piece falls in line with the avalanche of fake news that is bombarding us of late. These articles never cite source material and seem to be made up of thin air.

Our county has endured this type of outrage before and I’m sure with the amount of leftist nuts we have running around, we will probably be subjected to something of the same in the future. Abraham Lincoln was savaged throughout our Civil War and, like Trump, continued on to gain the final goal. In fact, Lincoln’s attackers were much more strident than those we hear from today. Had the Civil War period had the type of communication we have today, there is no telling where it might have led.

Gary starts his article by stating that President Trump is disliked or even hated by a whopping 55 percent of the U.S. population. This is untrue and is a patent lie seeking to reinforce his weak arguments.

President Trump is a strong man with a personality to match. He seeks the best for the American people but there is an element that sees this as dangerous. We don’t know why they don’t want the best for the rest of us. These same people were happy as clams when Obama was looting the treasury and apologizing to the rest of the world for who we are and what we truly stand for.

We are surrounded by weakness and in some areas it is celebrated. This did not used to be the case. The Greatest Generation were not people like we have today. But they committed a crime and that was to want a better life for their children and for those children to have it easier than they had it. Thus began the skid into what we are today.

In ancient times, strength was celebrated as being good for societies. In our current mess, we have elements that fear strength and seem to wish for our downfall. America has not been around for that long and it is still up for grabs whether this experiment can succeed. There are those who don’t want our success, for what reason we don’t know and they won’t tell us what they want.

Every leftist policy is fraught with unintended consequences and the rest of us have to pay the price. A person would think that after so many failures they would start to get wise to the fact and yet they go on time after time with the same results, trying to convince us that this will work if we just wait long enough. Obama was convinced that weakness was the path to success. The truth is that weakness breeds more weakness and somebody out there will come along and steal your lunch money. 

Jim Horton


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