SCV Senior Center to give presentation on the life and times of RFK

Courtesy photo: SCV Senior Center

The SCV Senior Center will hold a presentation looking back on the career of Robert F. Kennedy on Sept. 12.

“We try to make it something that is somewhat relevant,” said Robin Clough, volunteer and recreation coordinator for the senior center. “We figured we would bring Robert Kennedy to reflect on that time in history.”

College of the Canyons professor Lissa Brassfield will deliver the upcoming presentation. She participates in the senior center’s scholar series, speaking about history with the senior population in Santa Clarita.

Kennedy, who served as his brother’s attorney general and a New York Senator, was assassinated June 5, 1968, in Los Angeles. As a professor of U.S. history, Brassfield remembers that day and “it all comes right back.”

Following his death, vice president Hubert Humphrey won the Democratic nomination, but lost the general election to Richard M. Nixon.

This presentation will be the latest installment in the center’s scholar series. A man of “passion and integrity,” Brassfield wanted to talk about RFK following the fiftieth anniversary of his murder, which happened to be the day of the California primary.

Each presentation focuses on particular moments and figures from history, with context emphasized on its importance and relevance today. Other presentations have focused on Black History Month, Frederick Douglass, James Madison, the Transcontinental Railroad and the Bill of Rights.

“Professor Brassfield is good at bringing in very little known facts,” said Clough. “She brings the presentation to life. If you think you know a lot about the topic, she’ll bring in very little known information.”

Brassfield said she loves going to the senior center to speak, finding her audience to be sharp, interesting and wonderful that they actively engage with her.

“We always try to bring it and show the relevance,” she said. “There’s nothing we are or what we do today that doesn’t have its roots in the past.”

The presentation will take place from 10-11 a.m. on Sept. 12 in rooms A1 and A2. The address is 22900 Market Street.

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