Bill Reynolds | Democrat/Socialists Are Playing Dirty in the Battle to Unseat Rep. Knight

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

After watching Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s Senate hearing and seeing the outrageous behavior by those Democrat Senators, I remain more convinced than ever before that I can never ever cast a vote for any Democrat at any level. Diane Feinstein’s actions were abhorrent and how Mrs. Christine Blasey Ford implicated herself we may never know, but clearly she was a willing participant. Ford showed up not knowing when or where her alleged assault happened or how she got home 20 miles away from where someone thinks the incident occurred. This whole charade was a last-minute desperate scam designed to ruin a good man’s life specifically to protect the Democrat Party’s abortion Holy Grail. The left apparently assumes that the Supreme Court will promptly overturn “Roe v Wade,” which would make my day if they did. Why else are they pulling every dirty trick possible out of their dog-eared playbook?

On most mornings for exercise, I walk three to five miles while listening to music via Pandora on my cell phone. Recently, I’ve heard a constant barrage of dishonest political advertisements that basically report that our Rep. Steve Knight’s primary mission in life is robbing our health care and Social Security to give huge tax breaks to billionaires. I personally know Steve and Lily Knight and they are good citizens and solid Samaritans. These mailers and advertisements are unbelievably dishonest.

After a recent morning walk I received my mail and sure enough there was another dirty rotten dishonest political mailer proclaiming that Steve Knight pledged to cut Social Security and voted for deep Medicare cuts. I’ve been asking this question for a long time: “What the heck happened to the party of President John F. Kennedy?” I was a Democrat in those days but later I realized the Democrat Party did not actually represent my principles so I registered as a Republican. Today’s Democrats are actually socialists and man they have proven to be dirty, gutter fighters.

I am urging all veterans, friends and family members to re-elect Congressman Steve Knight and to avoid voting for any Democrat/socialist.

Bill Reynolds


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