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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Some of you have received your mail-in ballot, some the sample ballot, maybe some have voted, but for those who are still on the fence as to who should lead the 25th District, it must be Rep. Steve Knight.

His police background gives him an appreciation of law enforcement, which makes him think in terms of cause and effect. The cause, the infraction of a law and then the effect, the enforcement of that law: Most law makers, whether it be in the states or in the federal government, think in terms of cause, never in terms of effect, which applies to the cost and manpower involved in the enforcement of the laws they have enacted.

Rep. Knight has been there. His time in the United States Army has also given him a perspective of global enforcement that few in Congress have. He has been working across the aisle in passing bipartisan bills that benefit all of us in the 25th District. In addition his work with the committees involved with aerospace and technology associated with outer space can only benefit those industries in our district. This is an asset to all of us.

Apparently there is a flier going around stating that Rep. Knight is against Social Security. The intent by the opposition is to mislead and confuse the voter and it is incorrect. His statement regarding Social Security is to clarify his intent to become aware of concerns associated with the healthy existence and continuance of Social Security in all regards by examining the factors concerning the guaranteeing the vitality of Social Security permanently. Many changes actuarially have taken place since Social Security began under President Roosevelt in the 1930s.

Our country is at a challenging time right now. It is not time for a newcomer, but one who has had an excellent record. Just review his assets and abilities, Steve Knight has stood the test of time, can work across the aisle to achieve what will be good for all the citizens of the 25th District and our country.  Vote on Nov. 6 for Steve Knight.

Carl Raggio


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