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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Since his election to congress in 2014, Steve Knight has introduced and helped to pass legislation helping small businesses, military veterans and taxpayers. But he has also been a champion for less notable causes; particularly, local environmental issues. Knight passed the Natural Gas Leak Prevention Act, St. Francis Dam Disaster Memorial Act, and triumphed in the years-long battle against CEMEX mining in Soledad Canyon.

The Aliso Canyon gas leak was a shocking environmental crisis that roiled our area when it was discovered in 2015. Knight swiftly responded to the crisis by introducing H.R. 4429 to strengthen the standards for underground natural gas storage facilities. This legislation received bipartisan support and was signed into law by President Obama. The new guidelines established by Knight’s legislation have helped stop any such events from happening since, and will continue to protect our area from another dangerous natural gas leak.

Knight’s commitment to our local history and environment was also on display when he recently helped pass the St. Francis Dam Disaster Memorial Act. The St. Francis Dam disaster area is one of Santa Clarita’s most prominent historical sites, and Knight’s legislation commemorated it with the national recognition it deserved. The new 440-acre national monument will receive funds from the St. Francis Dam Disaster Memorial Foundation, and will honor our local history for years to come.

The most significant environmental accomplishment Knight made for Santa Clarita was stopping the proposed long-term CEMEX mining in Soledad Canyon. The city battled with the foreign-based corporation over the mine site for years before Knight secured language in the FY18 Omnibus Appropriations bill precluding mining from the proposed area once current contracts expire. Mineral mining in Soledad Canyon would damage air quality and create increased traffic congestion for thousands of Santa Clarita residents. Knight worked with the City Council to stop any extension of the mining beyond existing contracts and made sure our community can be healthy and safe for years to come.

Steve Knight does not just promise safe and healthy neighborhoods. He works in Washington to make them a reality. Whether he is making sure we never have to endure another natural gas leak, memorializing our community’s most cherished history, or ensuring clean air, he works with this land and its people in mind.

Chris Anderson


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