Gary Horton | Time to Get Rid of Pawns in Congress


The closing argument between Democratic challenger Katie Hill against Republican incumbent Steve Knight really comes down to this: Knight is a pawn.

No matter how likeable a man, no matter how good a neighbor, father, husband or friend, still, in his present political position, Steve Knight is a powerless pawn on the currently configured chessboard of politics. A mere piece — pushed and pulled and told how to vote by forces lording over him.

Like most all the current republican crop in the House of Trump — formerly known as the House of Representatives — Knight is a Trump Puppet. A walking, talking rubber stamp. A yes-man for interests far, far different than what interests you and me. Steve could rebel and vote his mind — but he hasn’t, and he won’t. Knight is a proven pawn for the powerful.

It’s not Steve Knight’s fault. We voters put him on a Republican gameboard that’s built on pawns, controlled by Kings and Queens of Big Oil, Big Pharm, Big Defense – big anything except ordinary Americans. Indeed, the House of the People has become the Mansion of Masters.

Hence, you see the Republican tax bill overwhelmingly benefit the top 1 percent and richer — leaving the largest budget deficits we’ve had in years and leaving the rest of America behind.

Instead of the promised, “Repeal and Replace” — you got degrade and… nothing. Have you seen any improvement in your health plans from these guys?

You’ve experienced increased income disparity. Little infrastructure investment. Nothing for the housing crisis and homelessness. Nothing from what is supposed to be the House of the People.

This Republican House has Americans haplessly accepting decaying infrastructure, decreasing health care coverage, skyrocketing homelessness, perpetual social injustice, and income disparity – just like a third world nation.

Under Knight and his fellow Trump Puppets, everyday America has just plain been ripped off. Two more years for Knight will just be two more years of the same — except increased brazenness of the theft, with Trump fully uncontrolled. Knight will remain a willing cog in this Big Business Machine, whirling around, wiring tax dollars into the pockets of those least needing them.

Conversely, local Katie Hill represents positive change for our district, finally moving us away from the manipulative, dysfunctional, non-representative politics currently holding the House of the People captive. “Pulled herself up by her own bootstraps,” Katie Hill will finally give voice to the people in the House that should represent us.

The other night I watched The Signal’s very fine debate between Katie Hill and Steve Knight. You can catch it online on The Signal’s website. I strongly suggest all readers watch it to really get a feel for the differences between the candidates.

Steve shows well. He’s the prototypical image of a congressman. Katie comes off well, too – but more as a real, local citizen. They are worthy opponents. Steve has the advantage of incumbency. Katie has the advantage of the new ideas sorely needed.

The debate plainly demonstrates Steve Knight is constrained by the overlords of his party. He speaks the same old stuff that’s been hamstringing America for years. The same, over and again, sound-good but do-nothing rhetoric where nothing ever improves.

Most illustrating of Knight and Hill’s differences was when the moderator asked, “If you had unlimited say on any one aspect of federal spending, where would you spend it?”

Katie called out our nation’s most pressing need as housing. From affordable housing for middle and working-class people all the way to housing solutions for the homeless. Katie’s focus was on improving the most immediate concern for so many Americans – proper housing, plain and simple.

And Steve Knight’s answer? More money for defense. “Our enemies are always shifting, and we have to be prepared.” You’ve heard that one before. Fear sells — but don’t buy it. More money into a pit bearing no future dividends.

Look, Steve Knight is paid by his corporate sponsors — including Antelope Valley defense contractors — to put business over Americans. To put hardware sales over humans. As a pawn in the military industrial complex — really, what more would we expect? What more can Knight actually do?

Ask Katie what’s most pressing and she rightly identifies housing. And health care access and affordability. Homelessness. Civility. Justice.

So, coming right up, you can vote for the same old puppet show where we pretend we’re represented, or you can vote for new leadership, real solutions and real representation.

What’s that definition of insanity you always hear about?

Brother, sister – if you want to see improvement in the House of Representatives, you’re going to have to vote differently this time.

No more pawns in the 25th. Let’s rock this House, shake up the chessboard, and bring in real people who really care about real people.

If you want better government, you’re going to have to change it.

Gary Horton’s “Full Speed to Port!” has appeared on Wednesdays in The Signal since 2006.

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