Gerald Staack | A Poem About Planet Earth: ‘The End Days Premonition’

SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
SCV Voices: Guest Commentary

By Gerald Staack

Santa Clarita Resident


There once was a Petri-like dish called Earth

Of God’s majestic creation and worth.

Its population exploded,

And earth warming unfolded

That extinguished all life and new birth.

A CO2 blanket so warm and cruel

Had hung over earth, as there was no tool,

To stop climate deniers

With huge profit desires

From burning their cheap fossil fuel.

Arctic snows melted as seas swamped the land.

Winds blew with fury as wild flames were fanned.

Crops then failed with land so dry.

Storm floods grew; we rose to cry,

“Lord, we now see; draw a line in the sand?”

But the earth had taken its tipping breath.

A +4 degrees rise brought all to near death.

As we prayed in great pall,

“God, please save us all.”

He united us all in death instead.

Some thousand years later, some spacemen unnerved,

Would see earth humans had not been preserved.

They had been too aloof,

Snubbing science’s proof,

A late Soylent Green 1/ era was all they observed.

This need not happen, for what it’s now worth,

If we’d stop raping the earth for quick profits and growth.

For those enslaved in greed

Have stopped clear heads to heed

Intense warnings from Science on earth.

In greed they professed, to convince us with lies,

That “foolish ‘bunk’ Science wasn’t that wise.”

So we tossed all concern

Until our homes started to burn,

And worst fears began to metabolize….

Now if Mother Earth had warmed +1 degree,

And with hundreds of wild fires now burning so free,

What could it be like, when

For +2 degrees then?

What new disasters on earth could there be?

The scenarios only get bleaker each year

As new hot-hell “normals” become more severe.

Floods flash; sea levels rise,

High winds will terrorize,

That force most to flee homes in tear and fear.

Irreversibly, earth then heats to +3 degrees,

And a snow-barren arctic starts to grow trees.

Global cities disappear.

Hordes start to appear

As mass migrations, search for hunger to cease.

A +4 degree rise brings final death to all.

Exactly how and when is hard to call.

But when Permafrost recedes,

Causing massive methane bleeds,

Heat-strokes will most likely lead mankind to fall.

We’ll have clasped our hands that saved we might be,

In this new Dante’s inferno circle we see,

Praying our Savior to still,

Still the death demons at will,

As He had once stilled the waves on Lake Galilee.

Like a runaway freight train facing doom,

The earth now warming leads to our tomb.

It’s true that humans just freeze

When they cannot with ease

Process solutions with a mind locked in gloom.

Most humans just lose their ability,

When emergencies strike with uncertainty,

To form an escape.

So they sit, frozen and wait,

Searching non-existing solutions in memory.

With none, they sit in a news vacuum and pray.

A society in silence with death on its way.

In denial they came

To be mentally lame

Of solving the greatest threat on Earth today.

The petri-dish phenomenon is not benign.

We may not be able to switch it off in time.

It ticks through its paces

As it goes through four phases

Called lag, growth, still and decline.

We are likely in phase 4 today,

And each day Science sounds the alarm to say,

“It may be too late

To change our fate

Of dying before the dawn of a new century day.”

So Earth must quickly phase out its fossil fuel.

It’s a final call, it’s a crucial tool.

For only then

Can mother earth again

Sustain life when she breathes air clean and cool…

Wake up! No time to fool with idiocy

Or be foiled by nefarious conspiracy.

If you won’t fight today,

Then get out of the way

In this epic fight to preserve humanity.

Gerry Staack is a retired aerospace engineer.

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