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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

What turns people “off” in today’s distasteful politics?

Answer: hostility, anger, rage, aggression, suppression, the likes which history, yes, has seen before.

At every turn, crowds of loud and angry sign-waving protesters take to the streets. The angry yellers and screamers now show up in restaurants and elevators.

A Republican headquarters in Illinois was spray painted over with the word “Rape” all over the window and brick building. Yes. Republicans are routinely assaulted.

Routinely, conservatives are harassed, ridiculed, sometimes beaten; singled out by popular TV personalities and comedians on late-night shows, and their businesses black listed. Routinely, protestors show up at conservative speaking events and use “white noise” and megaphones, shouting to drown out and shut down invited conservative guests, especially at predominantly “Frankfurt School” colleges and universities with their “safe spaces” and students taking off from instruction to “protest” the latest whim the left wishes to rage upon.

Confrontational verbal guerilla attacks, thanks to Maxine Waters, corner individuals like Sen. Jeff Flake in an elevator (“Look me in the eye when I’m am talking to you!” one protestor screamed) and Sen. Ted Cruz and his wife out for a quiet dinner — and many more.

Chuck Schumer’s threat, “We’ll stop at nothing to stop Judge (Brett) Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination!” No allegations had even surfaced! And no credible allegation yet!

In one fell swoop, the bloodlust of the power mongers became a lynch mob. Justice became forever abrogated. One is presumed guilty, simply because another alleges.

“Well, both sides are to blame.” Oh? Who says? How so? One side became “repressively” intolerant. Their way or the highway. Politics stops working that way.

Political hostility, hate, rage and suppression against any is NOT right. This is why conservatives should never answer in like response, but measuredly, on our own terms.

Sean McLaughlin

Santa Clarita

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