James Bishop | How a Bruising Campaign Should End

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Our local congressional campaign has been bruising, and frankly, I look forward to its conclusion. But before it is over I would like to share my thoughts about how the race ought to end. We have learned a lot about the candidates over the past several months, and it is fair to say neither is perfect. Nonetheless, we have to choose, and if you prioritize experience, accomplishments and knowledge about the issues facing our community, Steve Knight is unquestionably the best candidate.

As I’ve dug into the candidates’ records (or lack thereof in the case of Katie Hill), I have found that Knight has been an incredibly active representative who has passed dozens of bills and seen several of them signed into law. Yes, Hill directed a nonprofit for the homeless, an honorable vocation certainly, but that is the extent of her experience and qualifications.

Additionally, whereas Hill has worked on one important issue — homelessness — Knight has a record of legislation and achievement on several. He is often recognized for important work on behalf of veterans, but he has also passed important legislation to protect the environment (H.R. 4429, H.R. 5638) and coverage for pre-existing conditions (H.R. 6898).

Above all else, Knight is a far more active member of our community. He has shown this by passing legislation that addresses local issues directly. Knowing the difficulty veterans face in our suburban community, Knight pioneered a new program that gives them access to VA health care closer to home. Understanding the threat posed by CEMEX to Santa Clarita’s air quality (something Hill only comprehended after deciding to run for Congress), Knight worked across the aisle to stop it.

You may disagree with Knight here and there, but it is a matter of fact that he is qualified, experienced and accomplished in passing legislation for our community. That is why he has earned my support this year, and will continue to so long as he keeps up his good work.

James Bishop


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