Valerie Thomas | Trautman: Voice for all Santa Claritans

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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I’m voting for Diane Trautman for City Council.

She has been involved in the community for many years – as a small business owner and serving on a number of nonprofits.

Diane has served multiple terms as a Santa Clarita Planning Commissioner. As a commissioner, Diane went to all meetings prepared. She had read all backup information in the agenda packet and asked questions of staff prior to the public meetings. At the public meetings, Diane continued to ask questions to ensure she understood all aspects of the issues and that she was representing the public interest to the best of her ability.

There were times an issue concerned my neighborhood. Diane always took the time to listen to my concerns and ask questions. She did not always vote the way I had hoped, but I knew that she had honestly weighed my viewpoint in reaching her decision.

City Council members must represent Santa Clarita concerns and not just be a rubber stamp for staff recommendations. Diane Trautman is that person.

Be sure to vote and please consider which candidates will best represent the needs of all Santa Clarita citizens.

Valerie Thomas


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