Donald W. Ricketts | Special Districts Department Letter Contained an Important Error

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

The following is a copy of a letter sent to Kevin Tonoian, special districts manager of the city of Santa Clarita:

Re: Proposed modification of zone assessments within the street lighting zone of the Santa Clarita Landscaping and Lighting District

The city’s/district’s letter of Nov. 29 to “property owner” regarding the above is highly misleading.

A “No” vote will not express opposition to “maintaining streetlight services.” As correctly reported by The Signal, “A ‘no’ vote would indicate opposition to the increase.”

I ask you to send a letter to all recipients of your Nov. 29 letter correcting this very significant error. If I do not have a positive response by Dec. 21 I will assume this request is declined.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Donald W. Ricketts

Santa Clarita

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