Hearing aids that allow you to enjoy music again

Kevin Bolder, Au.D., examines the ear of Cheryl Stavich at the Audiology Associates offices in Valencia on Thursday, March 29, 2018. Nikolas Samuels/The Signal

Today’s hearing aids are constantly improving to make sound clearer and more natural to the user.


One common complaint among hearing aid users is that while hearing aids can greatly improve speech understanding, they do not provide the sound input range necessary for listening to music.


That has all changed with the Oticon OPN. This revolutionary hearing aid allows the user to pick up the high-level, energetic sounds of music, which would typically be distorted by hearing aids of the past. Now, rather than struggling to distinguish between sounds, music lovers can enjoy each individual instrument with improved clarity and less effort.


Whether you enjoy listening to recorded or live music, hearing aids can help improve your listening experience. Because today’s hearing aids make it easier to hear and understand in background noise, situations like concerts or music festivals are also improved and can be more comfortable for those with hearing loss to attend.


It is not uncommon for musicians to struggle with sensorineural hearing loss. High levels of sound can damage the inner ear and create long-term hearing problems, so those who spend a lot of time around musical instruments, sound systems, and noisy crowds without hearing protection are more susceptible to hearing damage. Hearing protection such as musician’s ear plugs can help protect against this, but unfortunately nothing can be done to reverse sensorineural hearing loss.


The good news is that the advancements of today’s hearing technology allows expert musicians, casual fans, and everyone in between to get back their favorite sounds and enjoy listening to music again!


Ready to try OPN hearing aids? We can help.


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