Holiday cards: Send personal greetings, customize delivery

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Holiday cards are definitely changing, as e-cards and emails replace traditional paper greetings. But for holiday 2018, what is the etiquette that one should keep and throw away?

Reference-checking firm Allison & Taylor notes that approximately half of all reference checks they conduct reveal negative input from the references, and so there is a rhyme and reason behind sending the best card.

But, whatever you do, the most important noticeable thing that multiple experts note is: Make it personal.

Cards should not be written in bulk, said employees of Hallmark branches in Santa Clarita.

Employees at Debbie’s Hallmark Shop and Ruggle’s Hallmark Shop at the Westfield Valencia Town Center suggested that customers buy cards with the intent of sending sentimental messages.

Many customers often buy cards in bulk and simply sign them, but this is actually a faux pas that does not convey appreciation, one worker at Debbie’s Hallmark Shop said.

Wendi Weiner, a national career expert consultant, also writes on a blog that a personalized greeting , if kept short but professional and courteous, will lead to a better reciprocation.

A popular custom is to send the handwritten holiday cards to colleagues and clients during holidays, but the type of card may also lead colleagues scratching their heads over what is best.

Often, the type of card one sends is dependent on the work culture. If a company prizes being hip and modern, sending an e-card is more cost-efficient and also with the times. But if a company is more established and traditional and appreciates conservative business, a physical card will be more appreciated, Weiner writes.

Whatever you do, the best way to go is to explain your decision, especially if you go more of an avant-garde route.

HR firms also note that sending a holiday greeting makes a favorable impression with a company, so don’t opt out.

The best times to send cards are as early as possible, such as around mid-December, so workers and bosses have optimal time to respond if possible, the firm writes in an email.

Non-denominational cards are also best — not every employee celebrates Christmas or Hanukkah.
Sending an appropriate and thoughtful holiday greeting will surely work to your favor in cultivating your professional relationships and references, the firm writes, and if you play your cards right, could even better workplace relations.

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