SCV residents learn to make different kinds of pasta with feedSCV

Instructor Scott Ervin demonstrates how to make homemade stuffed pasta during a class held at the Old Town Newhall Library and hosted by feedSCV, eatSCV and Speakeasy Bakery on Saturday with proceeds going to feedSCV. Dan Watson/The Signal

Rain didn’t stop Santa Clarita residents from stopping by to make their own pasta at a class hosted by feedSCV and Speakeasy Bakery at the Old Town Newhall Library on Sunday.

Over a dozen people watched as feedSCV co-founder Scott Ervin taught them how to make four different kinds of pasta, ravioli, orecchiette, gnocchetti and trofie. Co-founder Todd Wilson said making pasta was in high demand and making a reemergence.

“One of things we really emphasize with feedSCV is the ability to make a great meal at home,” said Wilson. “Some bigger meals might be more intimidating, and we want to show you that it’s really not that intimidating. With a few simple tools that you can get for a couple of bucks and some time and effort, you can make an amazing pasta all by hand at home and save yourself from having to spend a ton of money at an expensive restaurant.”

Ervin used a 100-year-old rolling pin given to him by his grandmother and made her own recipe for ravioli, called “Nana’s Ravioli.” He, Wilson and other organizers handed out the recipe for that and the other three pasta.

“There’s so many different ways to make it,” Wilson said. “We can teach you how to make noodles and spaghetti or fettuccine or whatever, but these are different ones. We want people to be exposed to different types that they can mix in with cheese sauces or cream sauces or different stuffings in the ravioli that’re vegetarian options, not necessarily heavy on the meat. Spinach and cheese and all these delicious fillings to give people a real chance to get their hands on.”

Mitch Ludwig was invited to get his hands into some flour and roll pasta by his girlfriend, Jeanette Kordiak. They segmented their ravioli as Ervin gave a brief lesson on making tortellini pasta, which he said can take more effort and time.

“It’s something fun to do on a Saturday,” he said. “I love homemade pasta. Even on a rainy day, it was the perfect thing to do. All it needs is a little wine.”

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