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Letters to the Editor
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Investors take note: It’s been said that when it comes to investing “There is no such thing as a SURE THING.” I’m here to tell you that is no longer true. I’m no investment wizard. Quite the opposite is true. I don’t do research but this opportunity is so obvious it’s hard to ignore. I’m going to tell you where to put you money and why.

Get into CARDBOARD. That’s right, invest in companies that manufacture cardboard and you can’t go wrong. (Well, at least it’s not probable.) Here’s why.

Amazon! You’ve heard of them, right? They ship. They ship overnight. They ship quick, they ship fast, they ship now, they ship and ship and ship. What do they ship? Boxes! Yep, CARDBOARD boxes and, because they are in a hurry, it is faster for them to ship a small item in a larger box than to take the time to look for the perfect size box. That means more cardboard usage.

 Since I’ve told you I don’t do research, you might ask how I know all this. The answer is simple. I’m married. While Amazon is shipping, shipping, shipping, my wife is buying, buying, buying so on my doorstep are boxes, boxes, boxes. 

And folks, I’m sure my wife is not alone. So — Buy Into Cardboard.

Richard Myers, Valencia

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