Robert Lamoureux: Water softeners and garage pumps

An SUV hits a river of water on Placerita Canyon Road as a heavy rain falls near The Master's University in Santa Clarita on Thursday. Dan Watson/The Signal

I can’t thank you enough for taking my call about the ongoing plumbing issue I’ve been having, dealing with this issue that no one has been able to find the solution to. After one phone call with you, we’ve got it and I’m so grateful, thank you.
Jean P.

You’re welcome.
After hearing that the plumber changed the PRV and cleaned aerators and you were still having intermittent low pressure issues, it was the logical next step to have you bypass your water softener system to see if that did the trick.
Once you did this and pressure was fine, it was clear that your softener system was the issue. I’m glad that I could help you further troubleshoot.
Happy to help,
— Robert

My name is Sean and I’m a (board of directors) member out in the (San Fernando) Valley, but I own property in Santa Clarita.

Your article is the real reason that I read The Signal — it’s informative and I appreciate all of your insight. That said, your article regarding the pumps was very informative.

For the last couple of years, we’ve had nothing but problems with our garage pump not being able to keep up, and the handyman we’ve used who calls himself a plumber, was so far off target on this one it’s unbelievable.

We had three of the basement-type units flood during the recent rainstorms, after he had assured us that everything was tested, fine and would hold up in heavy rains. Of course after flooding, we called a local plumber and, sure enough, the rise-and-run information you provided previously is exactly what this guy did and confirmed that the handyman had put an undersized pump in.

The two pumps side-by-side look virtually the same, but one is definitely designed to pump more efficiently on our property. We ultimately decided to go with a slightly oversized pump in case, and we are not sorry.

This last weekend we were perfectly fine — the pump took out all water that entered, and everything was OK! I want to thank you for your information, and hope that the other readers gain as much from your article as we have.
— Sean

You’re welcome. It’s my pleasure, knowing that what I’ve learned over the years has and is still helping people who aren’t necessarily in the business or experienced, and that they can solve problems like this.

Yes, the pumps look very similar in size, but the internal components are what gives them their power and ability to move water the way they do.

It’s always best to double-check the technical information when purchasing any type of unit like this, especially if you are trying to prevent property damage. No sense going to all of the trouble to install and set it up if in the end it isn’t powerful enough. The cost difference between the lower and higher powered pumps can be made up in one flood, the damage it can do. I appreciate you writing in.

Good luck to you,
— Robert

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