CBS Film Series celebrates life after age 90

Image Courtesy: Suzannah Warlick
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Eager cinephiles filed into Congregation Beth Shalom on Sunday for a screening of “If You’re Not in the Obit, Eat Breakfast,” the latest installment in the CBS Film Series.

The documentary features prominent nonagenarians like Carl Reiner, Betty White, and Tony Bennett and explores the thriving and living productive lives after age 90. The film was nominated for two Primetime Emmy Awards and currently sits at a 100 percent critic score and 71 percent viewer score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Suzannah Warlick, director of the CBS Film Series, said that she had seen the film at a festival and was encouraged to include it in her lineup after she was encouraged to do so by a CBS Film attendee who had previously worked with the director. She also liked how the film featured many prominent Old Hollywood stars and though her audience would appreciate the film.

Normita and Edward Meza have attended the CBS screenings for years.

“The films that Suzannah shows are always very educational and very diverse,” Normita said. “She told me that I was going to love the film today because it’s about how to have longevity in your life or how to extend life. We’re always trying to find the fountain of youth so this might be a way to get some tips.”

Edward added that he’s is happy to see that the film series has grown since he first started attending and applauded Warlick for her investment in the program.

“People come out from LA and the valley to come see these films and Suzannah puts a lot of effort into this,” he said.

Sunday was the fourth time Ric Johnson has attended a CBS Film screening after being introduced to it by a friend and said that being able to see a selection of films he would not otherwise have access to “feels good.”

“I’m 71 years old so this film gives me a good feel for a projected happy life in the future,” Johnson said.

Warlick said she was encouraged by how the attendance has increased, but also tends to fluctuate depending on the choice of film.

“Films like ‘‘If You’re Not in the Obit, Eat Breakfast’ have a universal appeal to them but we have to show a variety of films here and we can’t be a one-trick pony,” she said. “But what I like most about holding these screenings is that seeing the people come out to the movies. It’s more than just a movie though and I get a kick out of seeing the community get engaged and make friendships here.”

For more information about the CBS Film Series, email [email protected].

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