Lois Eisenberg | Appalled by Trump’s McCain Comments

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I am so appalled by President Trump’s attack on John McCain that it has been very difficult to restrain myself from writing about it.

The McCain family deserves better, and so does America.

John McCain has been dead seven months and Trump can’t resist demeaning him in death as in life.

Enough is enough from this bully Trump, who is not deserving of the presidency. Trump is not half the man McCain was in every aspect of life.

Shame, shame on Trump and his enabling puppets in Congress for not speaking out and condemning Trump’s blistering remarks about John McCain.

I am not of John McCain’s political party and didn’t agree with him on many of his political views, but I have always held John McCain to the highest esteem for the man himself, and for his services to our country.

To have a man like Trump berate John McCain as he has, and for those who have not condemned Trump for his hurtful remarks I say to you shame, shame, shame!

Lois Eisenberg


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