Rob McFerren: Craft beer around the world

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Craft beer popularity has exploded in the United States recently, and that growth does not seem to be slowing at all.

In fact, California leads the nation with more than 700 craft breweries in our state. The U.S. is leading the world in the number of new, smaller-sized craft brewery openings.

The rest of the world is also experiencing this love of craft brewed beer, with hundreds of small breweries opening in some parts of the world at an amazing rate.

Germany, Great Britain and Belgium have for hundreds of years been well-known for their brewing expertise and production of many great beers.

Over the past 50 years, the beers produced there have been brewed mainly by large corporate breweries, and most of the smaller family-owned breweries closed or were purchased by these larger companies.

Today, that trend is changing at a fast pace, and these three pioneers of beer are also experiencing a resurgence of small, local craft breweries serving amazing craft beer to their communities.

Craft beer is also exploding in other parts of the world, to the delight of beer lovers. Australia and New Zealand have also shown their love of craft beer with new, small local breweries opening gaining many fans.

Japan and other parts of Asia have also experienced an abundance of new, small breweries with very creative craft beers being produced there. Mexico and South America have, in the past few years, taken on a great passion for different styles of craft beer — even though light lagers have been pretty much the only style as long as beer has been consumed there.

Craft beer popularity is here to stay.

The number of countries with craft breweries is rapidly growing fast, and the world will be a much better place if more people took time to enjoy a craft beer along with conversation.

Life’s short. Drink craft.


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