Brian T. Barry | Trump’s Tariffs and the Truth

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

The president would have you believe that the tariffs he placed on imported goods are being paid by China. The real truth is you, me and every American are paying for these tariffs in the form of higher prices estimated for a family of four to be anywhere between $500 to almost $800 a year. This is basically a consumer tax. Even the president’s own people have said the American people are paying for the tariffs in higher prices, contradicting what the president has misleadingly said over and over, that China is paying for these tariffs. 

Now the president wants to take some of that money he is taking out of your pockets with his tariffs and give it to the farmers he has damaged by these tariffs and China’s retaliatory tariffs on American farm products. The losses by these farmers have resulted in major losses and bankruptcies and the American farmer’s losses in global market share for their products, which was a bright spot in our economy and trade with China, may never recover in the forcible future even without tariffs.

Another misleading statement by the president is that this will create jobs in America, but at what cost? It is estimated that last year’s steel tariffs cost $900,000 for every job created. The president has no concept on trade and how it works, I won’t even go into his business acumen, which is highly questionable, and the long-term effects of these tariffs will be felt for years to come and the damage has been done not only to our economy but also our reputation. While you may not notice or see the effect on your family’s pocketbook, it’s happening daily to average Americans who can ill afford it. 

Brian T. Barry


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