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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Duane Mooring’s May 21 response, “Leave Column Writing To The Pros,” to John Weaver’s commentary of May 11, “What is the Truth About Climate Change?” reinforces one of John Weaver’s main points — that the political pundits have little understanding of the subject and always fall back to some vague defense like “scientists agree” in support of something that scientists don’t agree on at all.

Mooring did not present one single, substantive argument against any of Weaver’s points. 

Instead, he uses the tried and true Democrat/Saul Alinsky tactics of belittling the other guy as unintelligent and dumb because he dare offer his side — demean your opponent and be loud about it. 

After that, always end with “shut the opponent up as they must be silenced.

Mooring advises The Signal to only let the “pros” write commentaries. That means The Signal better get out their checkbook and pens to sign those contracts.

How pathetic and predictable the Left has become!

Frank Arenson


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