Rob McFerren: L.A. Beer Week 2019


Each year, the Los Angeles County Brewers Guild puts on an amazing week of craft beer events called L.A. Beer Week. This year, the week will start with the Kick-off Festival at Los Angeles Center Studios on June 15, 2019.

The Kick-off Festival is the largest craft beer festival in Los Angeles, combining 90-plus independent Los Angeles County breweries, showcasing more than 200 of their unique hand-crafted beers! The festival also includes great food, music, games and more.

Pouring alongside the L.A. breweries will be some very special craft breweries from outside of Los Angeles County, so there’s no better way to try beer from every L.A. Guild brewery and more!

Other events across the county during the week will include “The Battle of the Guilds,” where guilds from Los Angeles, San Diego, and the Bay Area will fight to win the “Golden Keg.”

There will be 15 breweries from each guild competing and the battle will be held at the famous Naja’s Place in Redondo Beach. Another fun event will be “Battle of the Bands” put on in part by Eagle Rock Brewery, which is a competition of bands made up of employees from breweries across Southern California.

There are just too many fun events to list but if you would like more info on the 11th annual L.A. Beer Week or tickets to the Kick-Off Festival, go to

If you are a craft beer lover, this is the week for you! Life’s short, drink craft! Cheers!

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