Dick Cesaroni | Roe v. Wade Should Be Overturned

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

For many years, I have bounced back and forth (opinion-wise) about Roe v. Wade.

Roe v. Wade should be overturned and thrown out completely, along with Planned Parenthood.

Again, the hue and the cry are being heard after several states have enacted their version of an abortion law. Some are ludicrous and some are far-reaching, and others do not go far enough.

The only excuse for an abortion is that if a woman becomes pregnant due to rape, incest or the life of the pregnant woman is in jeopardy.

One state enacted a law that if a doctor determines a heartbeat exists then that baby is deemed to be a human being and not subject to an abortion even with the previously mentioned circumstances. No abortion under any circumstances. I can live with this definition but with the adding of the exceptions (rape, incest or life of the woman in jeopardy).

If a female wants to go out and fornicate and becomes pregnant and absent again the three previously mentioned circumstances, she is not entitled to an abortion, especially a free one.

Go see a doctor and get a prescription for birth control pills or “the morning after pill.”

I am so sick and tired of the government paying for these abortions using our tax dollars. If she does not want to have a baby, then start practicing safe sex or quit fornicating.

One state even suggested that an abortion can be performed after the birth. Doctor: “Hello sweetie, the delivery went well, now do you want to keep the varmint or not?”

Mother: “No, doctor, just get rid of it, maybe next time.”

Just go to any state’s penal code and read the definition of murder.

If the female wants to play the game then she should have to pay the piper, not the taxpayer.

The free ride should be overthrown and get some sanity back into this crazy abortion thing.

Get pregnant, you have the baby, end of story. A woman does have the right on what to do with her own body. But let her pay for it, not the taxpayers.

As far as my not being part of playing the game and I should not make the rules, let me remind you of who got them pregnant. Let him (the impregnator) join in and help pay for the abortion. He helped create the baby so let him help pay for it.

Just because you don’t want the baby, or you don’t think you are ready or mature enough to be a mother, is not a valid excuse to murder that human being.

Suck it up, sweetheart. Have the baby and raise it and give it all the love you can.

Just one taxpayer’s opinion.

Dick Cesaroni


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