Cyndi Thieme | Don’t Go Too Far Left, or Right

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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I would like to commend you on having Rep. Katie Hill come by your office. I voted for her in the midterms and was glad to see her win. Your paper seems to lean to the right when letters are allowed to be printed. I ask that you print both parties either at once or one in one month, then the other party the next. 

As parties we have our distinct opinions and differences. However, in this particular presidency I believe you have gone from the Reagan Republicans to the far right with Trump. Going to the far left or right will never help us work together or get things done in Washington, D.C. I enjoy your paper with its variety of articles, but had stopped reading it because of only the right-leaning opinion articles. 

Please consider my suggestion. 

Cyndi Thieme

Santa Clarita

Editor’s note: Thanks for the suggestion, and we hope you keep reading! We welcome opinion submissions from local residents of all political stripes, and we generally try to publish them in the order received, based on available space. If we seem to publish more from one side or another at a given time, that’s a reflection of what’s been received. 

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