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It’s just another day–a constant routine with insignificant change. You wake up in the mornings, usually perform the mundane ritual of getting ready, eating breakfast, drinking coffee, etc. Then, almost robotically, you make the commute to work, where you proceed to go through even more of the typical motions. After work, you go home and eat dinner. Sometimes for a subtle change, you go out to dinner to one of your familiar and favorite restaurants. Then, you go home again, watch the same shows on TV, maybe root for your favorite sports team, or watch some movie you haven’t seen in a while. Finally, you go to bed, you recharge only to play out the same old routine the next day. But do you ever feel like something is missing?

Oftentimes, there’s a major part of us that crave more out of life, regardless of being the creatures of habit that we are. Sometimes, we want adventure, seeing and immersing ourselves in places we’ve only ever imagined. It’s so easy to become jaded by the mundanity of it all, and because of that, we sometimes forget to just live. Traveling, being surrounded within a new and completely different culture, allows us to experience unique moments we’ve never had before. So, it’s crucial that you simply allow yourself to be in the moment and discover the richness another place and culture can offer.

Of course, just leaving it all behind for a while and discovering an adventure of a lifetime takes some planning. One major planning obligation is having enough money. But if you do forget to bring enough cash, or you find yourself running a bit low while you’re away, all hope still is not lost. You can have someone transfer money right to where you are. There are world-class money transfer systems that help make it easy, so you can go back to the important parts– having the best experiences and creating the most wonderful memories.

Essentially, nothing should stop you from breaking out of the mundane for a while and immersing yourself in places and cultures you’ve never seen. So, here’s just a few different places to visit for an incredible experience.


This influential country of art, food, architecture, philosophy, science, and fashion offers a unique culture and beautiful scenery that everyone should get a chance to see in their lifetime. Italy not only has a long history of unique culture nestled within its roots, but has been a leading inspiration for other Western cultures for centuries. You will get the amazing opportunity to see the Colosseum, St. Peter’s Basilica, and other mind-blowing ancient architectural wonders of Rome. Then you can visit some lesser-known beauties this country holds, such as the quiet and luxurious Amalfi Coast. Once you immerse yourself in Italy, you may never want to leave.


Start with the beautiful coastal city of Vancouver, then to the largest city in Canada’s Quebec province, Montreal. You can find amazing cultural experiences that are to be had in all the other famous Canadian cities. Canada’s city scene gives you a great and unique taste of culture, but Banff is a ruggedly beautiful place to see and experience for a dose of nature’s finest and to have some outdoor fun. Banff National Park offers outdoor adventures ranging from hiking to skiing, to everything in between. So, for the full experience of the city and the natural life, Canada is the place to go.


For an incredibly unique culture and an overall unforgettable journey to delve into, Indonesia is where it’s at. Bali is a luxurious island and the hub of ancient history, culture, and excitement. Here you can learn about and explore the island’s ancient temples and relax on the gorgeous beaches before indulging yourself at your five-star resort. In addition, one of the most unique locations to visit in the uplands of Bali is the town of Ubud. There are rice paddies, rainforests, and ancient Hindu temples and shrines. Ubud is the place to experience true tradition.

So, there you have it. These are just a few of the most unique cultures and potentially amazing experiences.

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