Judith Trumbo | Climate Change Is an Emergency

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Letters to the Editor
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C. Norman Allen (“Right Here, Right Now,” Sept. 14) has very much put voice to the concerns of conservatives regarding what battling climate change may require in the forms of new government regulations and taxes.

Here’s the problem: as my favorite Evangelical climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe says, “A thermometer isn’t Democratic or Republican. It doesn’t give us a different number depending on how we vote. And climate change isn’t a liberal or conservative issue. It is a human issue. We care about a changing climate because it affects every single one of us who share this planet—the only home we have.”

Climate change is an emergency, whether Al Gore was wrong or not. Most past climate modeling has underestimated the warming and other changes we are now experiencing. And it will only get worse.

We must address it, and we are going to have to move quickly. Otherwise, Mr. Allen’s grandchildren and mine will have to contend with a terrible new reality.

Judith Trumbo


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