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Judy Reinsma | A Candidate for Homeless Funds?


Re: Cali Lake RV Resort, Sept. 19: Perhaps this is a good place to spend some of the money our county has set aside for homeless issues. How about a grant to the Cali Lake RV Resort to help mitigate all the violations the Department of Regional Planning is citing them for?  

When no one else is providing a safe, secure, and livable area for those whose income and situation requires they live in an RV, Stewart Silver, owner of Cali Lake, seems to have stepped up and done the decent and honorable thing. He has provided a “home.” 

If Regional Planning is successful in cutting the number of spaces, and these residents are evicted, where are they to go? Will the county then help them find another affordable, safe, and decent place to live? 

If these were “snow birds” in brand-new 40-foot diesel pushers they would not be considered “trailer trash,” which is what people who live in older RVs and vans have come to be called. This elitist attitude is wrong. These are people, Americans, most are working and many are retired but on limited incomes. 

They are harming no one. They are not camping on the streets but living peacefully together in a designated RV park. Our county should do everything possible to help this park stay open, AND perhaps help develop other similar parks. 

The need is great. You just have to read the papers or watch the news to know there are thousands of people, moving from one overnight spot on the streets of Los Angeles County to another, who would gladly move to a place like Cali Lake if it were available.  

Judy Reinsma

Santa Clarita

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