Lois Eisenberg | In Praise of Labor Unions

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I’m writing this letter to the editor the day after Labor Day, being so busy with Labor Day activities that I didn’t want to miss honoring this most important day in American history.

A happy Labor Day to one and all on this being Labor Day’s 125th birthday.

On this day we celebrate the movement of the labor activist, labor unions and all involved in the labor program.

Their efforts, fortitude and determination has brought us to abolishing child labor, enhanced the “world’s largest economy” and helped to keep the American dream alive.

The labor movement has had its ups and downs, but the progress it has made to protect the workers and enrich the middle class is beyond incredible.

(Nearly) two out of three Americans approve of unions at this time (Gallup polls).

The labor unions have been very progressive in promoting the workers’ hours to a reasonable  time frame, implemented the wages, and created time off to benefit the workers’ well-being and their families.

Liking the labor unions or not, they have given the workers dignity.

Again, in praise of the labor unions and all that they stand for.

Lois Eisenberg, Valencia

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