Darlene Chandler | Solar Panel Issue Isn’t Really Dead

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

This has been a dead issue for some time in the newspaper, but is so present with my family.

Remember the ugly solar panels that go on forever in the hills and back yards of all homes on Northcliff Drive in Canyon View Estates? Of course you do!

We have traveled to Las Vegas, Palm Springs, Lake Tahoe and the Santa Barbara area, keeping our eyes peeled for solar panels. They are out there everywhere. It is a present and future answer for clean energy, I think we would all agree. However, we saw them on rooftops, in open fields, but nowhere did we see anything close to what we see in Canyon Country. Nowhere in the back yards of any homes, mobile, brick, mortar, modular — none, nada, nowhere!

None of them resembled a child’s jigsaw puzzle, either.

We don’t know what harm these panels may cause, especially in close proximity to their homes. All bedrooms are in the rear of the home, and the temperature is much warmer in the rear of the house.

It’s an ugly situation in more than one way, to the eye and possibly to their health. 

I really hope our City Council members are on their toes. Certainly, when all of this mess didn’t just appear on the hill, it took time — a lot of time. The council didn’t take the initiative to dig deeper into why the city or some agency couldn’t or didn’t offer any response. We the people saw this from every roadway, shopping center, our back yards and even State Route 14. Even if you have bad eyes, and I do, it sticks out like a sore thumb. 

Another question: If a rule, law, ordinance or whatever has been violated for open space, then it has been violated. Is there an if, and or but? I don’t think so. (Kerry and Mark) Seidenglanz are laughing all the way to the bank, and why not? They are now giving homeowners a 10% reduction on their electric rate. Isn’t that kind. They are still selling electricity. They didn’t get into this to lose money. By the way, the discount will be until further notice. Maybe after the court case, if they win? Pray they don’t, for my children and all the other families on Northcliff Drive. Oh, and let’s not forget all the good citizens of Canyon Country and the surrounding areas.

Darlene Chandler

Canyon Country

Editor’s note: Our most recent story on the solar panels was published Oct. 7, and a court hearing on the city’s motion for a summary judgment is scheduled Dec. 12.

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