Gallagher smashing his way to SCV for farewell tour

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If you like lots of laughs and don’t mind a little bit of watermelon, literally, in your comedy, then there’s an upcoming show you should check out while there’s still time.

Gallagher, who famously closes out each show by smashing a watermelon on stage with a sledgehammer, is hosting his farewell tour, and stopping in Santa Clarita along the way. 

On Friday, Oct. 20, Gallagher is bringing his “signature sketch” to the SCV, which is “a pitch for the ‘Sledge-O-Matic,’” according to the Canyon Santa Clarita website.

The comedian is credited with more than 3,500 live shows — and more than a dozen comedy specials on Showtime, but his most famous bit is his smashing finale.

This national farewell tour has the comedian, who, according to his website, “literally INVENTED the television stand-up comedy special,” is zigzagging across the country in what’s expected to be his last tour. 

Check out the club’s website for a chance to see someone considered a first-ballot comedy hall of fame talent later this month.

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