Our View | The Democrats and Their Fake Impeachment Query

Our View

By The Signal Editorial Board

The current impeachment inquiry is not an inquiry at all.
Without a congressional vote, the impeachment inquiry is not an inquiry. It’s nothing more than a series of hearings on a congressional investigation.

The Democrats are conducting a fraud on the American people. If this were a real impeachment proceeding, there would be a vote of the full House of Representatives to start an impeachment investigation.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will not ask for a vote. She does not want her members from swing districts to be on the record asking for an impeachment with no evidence of wrongdoing.

If this was a real impeachment inquiry, it would go to the Judiciary Committee, not the Intelligence Committee, where it is now.

In the three impeachment inquiries that have taken place in our country — for Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton — there have been certain rules and procedures that have been followed, none of which are currently occurring.

The Republicans would have a right to call witnesses. The Republicans would have a right to subpoena witnesses and documents. The president’s counsel would have a right to sit in on the questioning and also the right to suggest witnesses.

This time, however, none of this is happening. Why?

This time witnesses are testifying in secret. Why?

Is it because they know there is nothing there but to have a fake impeachment and selectively leak a sentence here and there that might hurt President Trump’s re-election campaign and his standing in the polls?

Is it because there really is no evidence but the Democrats and Rep. Adam Schiff want to leak only a couple of sentences out of 10-hour sessions to make the president look bad?

And remember, Schiff is the one who ad-libbed a fake transcript of Trump’s phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, and when Schiff was called on it, he chalked it up as “parody.”

Here’s what Schiff said last month, on the dais, at the testimony of Acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire:

“I have a favor I want from you,” the California congressman said, appearing to read the lines from a piece of paper. “And I’m going to say this only seven times, so you better listen good. I want you to make up dirt on my political opponent, understand? Lots of it, on this and on that.”

Funny thing. Trump never said that. Or anything like it. But the truth doesn’t matter to people like Schiff who will stop at nothing — even fabricating things during congressional hearings — to achieve their political goals.

The Democrats have tried to impeach this president since his first day in office. They never accepted his election victory. The multiyear, multimillion-dollar investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller turned up nothing.

So now we have the whistleblower.

The rules were changed just days before the complaint to accommodate this whistleblower. Until the rules were changed you had to have firsthand knowledge of the events. 

Yes, the rules were changed to allow hearsay evidence for the complaint. Good enough for Democrats but it would not be allowed in any court in the United States.

Schiff, in a TV interview, claimed he did not know or speak to the whistleblower prior to the complaint being received, but as it turns out that’s not true. In fact not only did Schiff and his cohorts know who he was, but they also spoke to him, got him a lawyer and helped him write the complaint.

Lies, lies and more lies. 

They wanted the whistleblower to testify, but in secret behind closed doors, and hiding his identity. All of this, denying the president even the most basic concepts of due process.

Then it comes out that the whistleblower is a partisan Democrat and worked with Joe Biden during Biden’s vice presidency. 

According to the Washington Examiner: “Michael Atkinson, the Intelligence Community’s inspector general, told members of Congress that the whistleblower had a ‘professional tie’ to a 2020 Democratic candidate. He had written earlier that while the whistleblower’s complaint was credible, he had shown ‘some indicia of an arguable political bias … in favor of a rival political candidate.’ 

“A retired CIA officer told the Washington Examiner, ‘From everything we know about the whistleblower and his work in the executive branch then, there is absolutely no doubt he would have been working with Biden when he was vice president.’”

Now Schiff has changed his mind. No need for the whistleblower to testify. Why allow him to be cross-examined and reveal his biases and the fact that he was coached in his complaint?

This whole whistleblower complaint started because Trump asked the Ukrainian president to investigate Biden. 

The media says there is no evidence against Biden, despite him bragging on camera about threatening to withhold $1 billion in U.S. aid unless the then-Ukrainian president fired a prosecutor who was investigating Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian gas company for which Biden’s son, Hunter, was a board member making $50,000 a month. 

Interestingly enough, the Democrats’ push has been to kill our natural gas exploration here in the United States, while we are subsidizing Ukraine’s.

Someone should be following the money when it comes to the Bidens and Ukraine. But with Trump-obsessed Democrats holding the power in the House of Representatives, that won’t happen — and the fake impeachment inquiry marches on.  

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