Our View | SCV Veterans‘ Stories, and the Debt We Owe Them

Our View

By The Signal Editorial Board

Every veteran has a story.

That includes the many veterans who call the Santa Clarita Valley home. They exemplify the sense of honor, service and patriotism that courses through our community. 

The SCV is home to veterans from all branches of the service and from a wide variety of eras, from World War II to Korea, Vietnam, the Cold War, Iraq and Afghanistan —  and everything in between. 

Some of their stories are downright dramatic — from the World War II sailor who fired on a German sub, which was captured and helped the Allies crack German code, to the Vietnam vet who came under enemy fire while standing watch in the middle of the night, to the Iraq war vet who watched as Scud missiles were fired upon his encampment, but thankfully they were taken out by Patriot missile batteries. 

These are just a few of the real stories of  Santa Clarita Valley veterans, their dedication and their sacrifices. 

And, despite their varied ages and experiences, there are common threads that tie all of their stories together. 

Duty. Honor. Service. Love of country. 

To a man and woman, talk to a local veteran and odds are that he or she mentions those values. All of them, willing to risk life and limb in the interest of preserving and protecting the freedoms we all enjoy. 

Whatever the trials and tribulations they may have endured, none of them seem to regret their commitment. And for that, we owe them our gratitude and admiration. 

Monday is Veterans Day. Unless you work for a government institution, you probably don’t have the day off. 

But we hope you’ll take a moment to reflect, and if you have the opportunity, thank a veteran, on behalf of all of us.  

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