Sally White | Disappointed in Shooting Editorial

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Letters to the Editor
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I felt pangs of disappointment when I read The Signal editorial on Friday, Nov. 15, the day following the shooting at Saugus High School. Yet again, the opinion that now is not the time to address guns and how to control them because our hearts are breaking, and we must experience grieving, along with our entire community. The question must be raised: WHEN IS THE RIGHT TIME to address these issues? 

Prayer and comforting those who have been so personally affected, while compassionate, IS NOT solving this problem!

I put before the Signal editors, the members of the City Council, and everyone else with a strong and caring voice, how about developing a plan to address these life-threatening issues, and keeping this matter constantly before the public until satisfactory actions have been taken at the very highest levels in our government? Debates on this issue could take place in our libraries, City Hall, school auditoriums and public buildings. Not talking about this means that a solution will never be found. Serious problems do not solve themselves!

Students all over the country have been living in a state of perpetual fear for far too many years. And now, the dreaded event happened right here in our own city. It is rather like being in a war, and not knowing where the battlefield is, nor the best way to protect oneself from danger. Horrific action could occur at any moment.

I challenge The Signal, as our most important means of local communication, to become heroic, and set an example for other newspapers to follow. You are quite capable of doing this, and must lead us in the correct direction. What a marvelous project this could be, with the potential of earning the love and respect of every student and parent, and the entire community, as well as recognition from many organizations, schools and groups, around our state, and our country.

This is truly your calling. Who is in a better position?

Sally White


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