Jim Horton | Blinded by Bias on Impeachment?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Jonathan Kraut and Lois Eisenberg apparently are having eyesight problems. The impeachment hearing was televised for all to see. At no time was any evidence of wrongdoing ever presented. It is truly amazing when political bias becomes so overwhelming that the individual is literally blind.

Almost everyone knows there is nothing of substance behind these inquiries, but for the anointed, this is a holy crusade. Don’t try and talk reason. These people have made up their minds and no amount of truth will dissuade them.

There are more than a few lies that have taken hold and have captured some people’s minds. There is a certain element that wants to reverse the outcome of the 2016 election. In a free democratic republic like ours, the people are represented by their vote to select who they think can best lead us.

Under President Trump, we are enjoying the best economy we have seen in many years. So what do these naysayers really want? The House of Representatives has been stalled for nine months doing nothing while they chase this phony impeachment. We can be sure that they don’t want Trump to be a success and yet in spite of all their efforts, he continues to win. Do you think the liberals have been overmatched?

Liberals have a habit of making predictions that never come to pass and I have always wondered why they never question the outcome when it was 180 degrees off from their predictions. You would think intelligent people would ask “why” and seek out an answer. How can two different people see the exact same thing and come away with different conclusions?

Adam Schiff’s lying is so blatant that it seems impossible that anyone would believe him, and yet, you see the liberals bow down and worship at his altar.

In some countries, when part of the population has a different view than that of the government, they simply open up re-education centers to deal with the affliction. Hopefully, we never come to that, but there is a lot of common sense missing from our population. 

Cities like Chicago and Baltimore have become wastelands for the people living in them and year after year, nothing changes. 

If someone comes along and has an idea to improve things, why should not all individuals join in and pull together for the common good?

Jim Horton


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