6 Advantages of Using Appium Mobile Testing


Technology places a very important role in one’s life. Every day there is a new advancement or improvement in the technology that we used. Everyone is using smart phones now days. There are so many applications installed on your mobile which we use everyday. Mobile phones have become the part of our life. We cannot imagine our life without mobile phones. We are making use of them at every level and in every work. Either it is household, commercial or our academic purpose we use phones and the applications installed in it. There are end numbers of applications available which can be installed in your phones and you can use them for different purposes. Apps are not limited to games or chatting, you can have banking app, railway booking app, etc. in your mobile phones.

But the question is about the appropriation of these apps is checked, before you use them. Every application is tested prior it is transferred to user for use. Appium mobile testing is used to test various apps installed in your devices. Every professional who test the applications that we used ask for the app which help them to access apps easily and quickly. Appium testing provides the unique features to the professionals by offering them the simplest user interface. It also provides automatic framework to the professional who performs testing process.It is the open source used for testing purposes by so many people around us. They can test the apps on the real deviceswithout any difficulty. There are so many advantages of using appium testing. Some of the main merits are discussed as follows:

  • Helps in automating various applications: Developers after developing application they need to check them carefully. They also have to look for so many other factors before automating various applications. This testing software helps the professionals to test various types of applications like hybrid etc.
  • Any compatible language can be used: It allow the developers to test it in various languages. It is not limited to one language only rather many other languages can be chosen and used.
  • Choosing framework of your choice: It also gives freedom to choose the framework for testing of your own choice. It gives full flexibility to mobilize in any framework.
  • It is an open source: This is one of the biggest benefits of this type of testing. It is an open source which allows which supports real devices, hybrid and many web applications etc. it allows the developers to clear their doubts relating to its use whenever they want.
  • Helps in automating various apps: It helps in automating and testing the various applications without showing any need for other components. They can also use the same test in many other testing of applications.
  • Helps in keeping a record: It also provides the record and a playback tool to its users.  They can use this tool for developing many other test scripts. It also helps in working or testing without server machines.

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