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Basement Waterproofing; Reasons Your Basement Is Wet

Basement waterproofing is a significant undertaking that cost money and time. If you have carried one before, you can understand that statement better than those who are yet to face a leaky basement. A leaky basement can be distressing, especially when water gets on the floor. It destroys everything on the floor and making repairs and replacing such belongings can be costly.

But do you know why your basement is flooded? A wet basement is as a result of a combination of factors. Some are external, while others come from within your home. Whatever the factor that causes your basement to leak, the impacts are the same, and what you need is to call a professional for basement waterproofing. To give you a better idea of why your basement is leaky, here are some things you should watch closely.

1. Foundation Cracks.

Most wet basements are as a result of foundation movements which causes cracks and faults in the basement walls and floors. Many things contribute to the cracks, but the key one is underground water that exerts pressure on the basement. Due to the expansion of soil under the foundation, there is the development of cracks when filled with water exerts pressure on the foundation from beneath. This pressure can be very destructive as it affects the structural integrity of the house. The best way to curb this kind of problem is through basement waterproofing where the sump pump is installed under the foundation to divert water away and prevent the development of hydrostatic pressure.

2. Blocked Weeping Tiles.

A weeping tile is a great component waterproofing of your home. These are typically floated pipes that collect and directs water away from your structure. However, if it is not regularly checked, the weeping tile can get clogged by roots of trees growing near your house. If this happens, water starts to flow back to the sinks and through the basement walls. A weeping tile can also get clogged if solid materials such as toys get flushed through the toilet.

3. Poor Construction.

For homeowners who are living in older homes, the possibility is that their basement waterproofing is no adequate and are likely to be below the accepted modern standards. Some of the poor construction options that we are talking about is not paying attention to the soil type where the house is built, not installing sump pump during construction or lack of membrane.

4. Blocked Gutter.

When was the last time you checked your gutter? If it has been a while, then you shouldn’t be surprised when you see water pouring right away near the foundation. Debris, leaves and branches can collect in your gutter over the years and divert water to run on the walls when it rains. The water ends up seeping through the joints and cracks on the walls.

Before you start thinking about other advanced causes of a wet basement, your Toronto basement waterproofing should start with inspecting the most obvious causes such as blocked gutters.

Make sure that the downspouts pour the water away from the foundation of your home. The best way is to connect your downspouts with pipes that carry water away and dispose of it some metres away from your home.

5. Windows.

Windows can also be the cause of your leaky basement. This is usually the case where they are not correctly installed and are not caulked well. So, before the rainy season come, check the windows in your basement for any damage or cracks to avoid leaky basement when the rain falls.

Window sills are prone to the expansion of the foundation and sometimes can shift. This leaves gaps for water to enter into your basement through the cracks on the walls.

Since you know the causes of sources of a wet basement, it will be easy to prevent and control it. Wet basement waterproofing is something you can do, but sometimes the problem can be more advanced, and you need to call a professional to do it for you.

For instance, if the issue is found under the basement foundation, then this is something you should leave to a professional. Installing sump pumps and repairing blocked drains is something that should be left to Toronto basement waterproofing experts.

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